Rugby 15's, 7's & It's History

Rugby 15's

Rugby 15's is the 15 v 15 version of the sport and generally played during the colder months of the year.  The games are held once a day and with two 40 minute halves.​The below videos will help you understand the basics of Rugby 15's.  To learn more about our sport, please come to one of our practices or games.

​​Basic Rugby 15's Rules 

​​2012 Men's Super League 

Championship Highlights 

Rugby 7's

Rugby 7's is the Olympic form of the sport and is played in a 7 v 7 format during the summer months.  It carries all the same rules, regulations and size of field as Rugby 15's but only the length of the game is different.  Rugby 7's has two 7 minute halves and typically played in a tournament setting.

​NCRC Rugby 7's 101

2012 Collegiate Rugby 7's: Life U. V Texas A&M

Championship Tournament 


Rugby History:  The World & Jackson, MS  


Rugby was first played in the United States in 1874 and followed the same time line as American Football.  The history of American football, can be traced to early versions of Rugby football.  Both games have their origin in varieties of football played in the United Kingdom in the 1800's in which a ball is kicked at a goal and/or run over a line but historian believe that Rugby was the father of American football. Most prevalent changes from Rugby were the introduction of the line of scrimmage and of down-and-distance rules established in 1873.  Another notable difference came in the form of touchdowns.  A touchdown is the American football equivalent of Rugby try. Despite the names, a try requires the ball to be 'touched down' to the ground, whereas a touchdown doesn't.  In Rugby the ball must be pressed to the ground in the in-goal area. An American football touchdown scores 6 points and a Rugby try is worth 5 points.

In the late 1800'a and early 1900's, game play developments by collegiate football grew as it became dominant over rugby for the first half of the twentieth century.  The first notable match in US history pitted Harvard against McGill University in Montreal, Canada.  Rugby remained well-liked and played in men's club form in the US through 1924 where the US remains as the reigning Olympic Rugby Gold Medalist.  The following year rugby was removed from the Olympic games and the popularity lessened as the US political climate removed itself in typical life from all things European   The 1970's and 80's saw a renaissance in rugby participation and became popular once again with the establishment of USA Rugby organization in 1975 in Chicago, IL.  Today, there are over 100,000 active registered players in the US.

Jackson Rugby Football Club (JRFC) formed in 1974 and is the oldest men's athletic club in Central Mississippi.  JRFC immediately fielded a team against regional opponents and has fielded a competitive team ever since.  There is not another men's athletic club in Mississippi to have such a stoic history as JRFC.

​The History of Rugby is a bit muddled, with different historians and rugby clubs believing different versions of the origination of rugby. Many historians believe that rugby and soccer came about at the same time and developed down different paths all along. Others believe that rugby came from soccer.  To them, William Webb Ellis started rugby when he was a student at Rugby School in England in 1823.  During a game of soccer, it is believed that he picked up the ball and ran with it.  Although this was against the rules at the time, other players saw the appeal and it became more common during games.  This tale is widely held to be true. In fact, the rugby world cup is known as the "William Webb Ellis Trophy."

USA's 1924 Gold Medal Rugby Team

JRFC was primarily supported by an establishment that many of the players frequented called the Dutch Bar. Sid Gunter who was the owner, supported JRFC for years by providing a club house atmosphere where the club could host social events and post-match meals with the traveling clubs who came to Jackson for the competition.  For many years and even till this day, JRFC fields a team called the Dutch Bar-Ons in memory and respect of our greatest supporter. Although the logo and crest of the Dutch Bar-Ons has changed over the years we never forget.

JRFC has played competitive rugby for many years through dedicated players.  Players who have booted up for JRFC have come from all around the world but most noticeably from the countries of South Africa, Australia and England.  JRFC currently is a DII rugby club and regional rival matches are some of the best rugby to watch in the south.  

Today JRFC is supported by its active membership and former players who formed an investment group called Old Boy Investment Group (O-BIG).  Through the efforts of club members and capital investment from O-BIG, JRFC purchased 38 acres of property in Jackson and converted into the Jackson Rugby Complex with two international sized fields and club house pavilion.  Because of the individual efforts by O-BIG team members, in 2012 lights became the newest renovation to the complex making JRFC a 100% self sustaining athletic club. JRFC is a community of men providing a competitive athletic atmosphere for its members, old and new.

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