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Can I play if I have never played before:

Yes!  Jackson Rugby Club is a men's club that welcomes and encourage all men to come and learn the sport no matter age, skill level or athletic ability.  We will show you all the rules and techniques that you will need to play rugby.  Without new players we do not succeed.

When is rugby season:

We play Rugby similar to semesters of school.  Fall, Spring, and Summer Seasons.  During the Fall we field a Rugby 15's team and we play Saturday Test Matches against regional clubs to hone our skills before our Spring competitive season.  Summer months we play Rugby 7's and is always played in a weekend tournament format.  Rugby 7's is the Olympic form of our sport.

When are practices:

Practices are held on Tuesday and Thursdays during the Rugby Seasons at our Rugby Complex.

When/Where are the games:

All Fall and Spring Home games are held at the Rugby Complex on Saturdays.  Away games are held at the respective rugby club's facility.  Summer tournaments JRFC attends are held regionally in the South East.

What do I need to bring to practices:

Wear cleats of some sort and basic athletic clothing appropriate for the climate.  We practice in the rain, snow, and shine.

Is there anyone i can call:

Yes, email the club Captain James Lawson or email him on from the contacts page.

Is there an off season;

Yes, we generally have 2-3 months of off-season between seasons.  this provides time to heal and train for the upcoming seasons.  Many rugby club players train heavily at local gyms and as a club we encourage all who participate to spend time with their team mates training for rugby competition.  

Below are a few more links that can help understand what Rugby is:



Fitness for Rugby

A Rugby Player's most important fitness attribute is mental toughness.  Strong players are the ones willing to put fourth the time and effort to be there for his teammates. JRFC welcomes players of all physical sizes, ages and abilities.  We are stronger by our numbers on and off the field. 

FACT:  Rugby is not for everyone.  Rugby is tough, muddy, bloody, full of testosterone, yelling and highly competitive. Again, Rugby is not for everyone, but there is nothing comparable for the ones who know it.    

If you want to play rugby, you don't need to have a resume of weight lifting, but after you play a couple rugby matches, you will want to, because rugby is addicting.  Training for rugby can become a painfully loved devotion.  Rugby requires all around fitness and if you have it, you will excel at rugby; if you don't have it, together we will help you get it and then you will excel.  Come play rugby for The Jackson Rugby Football Club.    




Kettle Bells

Ring Dips

Bear Crawls


Wall Ball Throws

Bear Complexes

Below are some of the Building Blocks for Rugby Player Fitness:



Box Jumps


Overhead Squats



Clean & Jerk


Tire Flips




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