Old Boys of Jackson Rugby Football Club

Rugby is tough. Growing old is tougher, and playing rugby at any age above 35 it gets tougher.  Old Boys are, on the average, heavier - and it ain't muscle.  This extra heft makes pile-ups and scrums unforgettable experiences. If you’re a lock you don't need to worry about getting low if a 290-pound prop is perched on your upper back.  The worry is about requiring corrective spinal surgery.  Old Boys can be meaner, no doubt about it.  This makes sense as people tend to get crankier and more ornery with age.  First-Siders usually take a more professional approach to play but Old Boys play as if they're physically working out resentments against insolent, know-it-all teenagers or formidable wives.  Old Boys often cheat like mad, and are often willfully off-sides. This fact is not fully understood yet and it may be due to senility or the "Who cares?" attitude that is often a precursor to retirement.  Every Old Boy is a referee during a match, and has the experience and assertiveness to point out where and when infractions of the laws have taken place. This makes Old Boys play an often talky experience and refereeing an Old Boys match is not for the faint of heart or ones easily intimidated.

Not all Old Boys are "old"; around 35 seems to be the entry age. But the admissions standard for Old Boys play seems to center on hair. It has to be missing from the top, somewhat gray or growing on one's back.  This section is to pay respects to the men of Jackson Rugby Football Club who have shared the love of the game for Mississippi's oldest men's athletic club. May the young men never have to play against them!!

Anton Smutz
Billy Morgan 
Blair Lobrano 
Brad Chism 
Brent “Birdie” Duncan
Bryan "Toksie" Ellsaesser
Brian "Bullett" Burkhalter 
Brent Dillabaugh
Bubba Neely
Caleb "DirtMan" Douglas
Carl Nobles 
Carlo "Bags" Baglione 
Cheech ("Who Knows His Name")
Chris Davis 
Chris "Aussie" Morgan
Pretty Chris 
Chuck Adams 

Cy Parks
Dale Smith 
Dan Berry
Dave Nichols
David Culpepper 
David Tanguay
Dee Conerly 
Dennis White
Edward “Peabody” Ward
Eric “Hagar” Kovia 
Frank Godwin 
George Lammons 
THE Gerry Moriarty
Jack Baggett 

Jason "Booger" Gilliot
Jason Baxley




James Bell

James Charboneau ​

Jason "Cheeks" Evenhuis

J.C. Jordan
Jim Genthon
Jim Smith
Joe Surkin

John Tomasin
John Suyes
Johnny "Roxbury" Hodges
Josh Thompson
Jon Provenza
Kevin Keith  
Lance De Kock 
Larkin Chapman 

Lee "Higgins" Newman
Lee Howell 
Loyd Cook
Luben Lewis
Marc Zimmerman 
Mark Chinn 
Mark Hazel 
Matt Lasley
Max Thomas 
Mitch Holland 
Nabil "Taliban" Ali
Paul Dooley 
Paul McDonald 
Ralph Wells 
Robert Markel 
Rodney Hollingsworth
Roger Smith
Ray Wiltshire
Roland "Hands" Boudette


Scott Fitzgerald

Stephen De Kock 
Steve "Catfish" Brouillette
Steve "Winona" Brown
Steve Mitchell 
Steve Quilter 
Ted Ruemke 

Ted Hull

Tee Reeve  
Tim Magandy 
Todd Mowat  
Tom Haltom
Tom Tanguay

Travis "Dirk" Baxley
Wally Lammons 
Walt Wood 
Warren Davis 
Willie Rabb

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